WOW, Facts About The Historic Sites!!

WOW, Facts About The Historic Sites!!

Visiting historic sites is one of the specific things that anyone who is curious about history and is interested in wants to visit. Here are some of the facts that could blow your mind-

1092 heritage sites!

It is said that there are around 1092 historic sites in the world, and these sites are further divided into cultural, natural, and other mixed sites. These 1092 sites are divided into 845 cultural sites, 209 natural sites, and 38 various sites.


Most historic sites

Italy is the country with the most historic sites. It consists of 54 sites alone.

First heritage site inscribe

In 1978, the first heritage site was inscribed, that is Aachen Cathedral, Germany. There were 12 historic sites that were found that year. They are,

  • Aachen Cathedral,
  • City of Quito
  • The Galápagos Islands,
  • Historic Centre of Kraków,
  • The Island of Gorée,
  • L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site,
  • Mesa Verde National Park,
  • Nahanni National Park,
  • Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibela,
  • Simien National Park,
  • Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines,
  • Yellowstone National Park

Countries with heritage sites

Thirty-two countries have these heritage sites with at least ten world heritage sites, 13 countries include at least 20 heritage sites, eight countries have at least 30 places and only five countries have 40 or more sites.

Most and fewer sites inscribed in a year.

In 2000, over 61 historic sites were inscribed, making it the most sites inscribed year.

Whereas in 1989, there were only seven sites inscribed which makes the most minor sites inscribed in a single year

The minor world heritage site is the Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc, Czech Republic, an area of 200 m2. I was able to walk around the entire column in 52 seconds at a slow walking pace (yes, I timed it!)

WOW, facts about the historic sites!!

Smallest Heritage site!

Olomouc, Czech Republic, is known as the smallest heritage center with only 200m². It is a Holy Trinity Column in Olomouc. It is said that only 52 seconds can be taken by a walk to complete the columns.

Site with a widespread

Struve Geodetic Arc is the site that is spread across ten countries. The ten countries include Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Lithuania, Norway, Moldova, Sweden, Ukraine, and Russia.

No entry for women

Okinoshima Island in Japan and Mouth Athos in Greece are the two sites where the women are restricted from entering the heritage sites. Both are religious communities that have an entry only for men.

Most visited site

It is said that Paris, Banks of the Seine, is the most visited world heritage site and also the third most visited city in the world. It also holds the record of the most visited city in which most of the town is a heritage site.