1655 – Mansion belonging to Master Nicolas

Debard, lawyer.

Convent 1655 – The house is sold by Maître Debard to the nuns of the Priory of Saint-Julien-sur-Dheune.

The Sun King 1673 – King Louis XIV, better known as the “Sun King”, creator of Versailles, decides that the nuns of the priory of Saint-Julien-sur-Dheune should set up their community at the abbey of Rougement.

The Mayor of Autun 1731 – The Mayor of Autun, Nicolas-Jean Barrault signs a provisional treaty for the purchase of the building with the abbess Françoise-Eléonore Rabutin, on behalf of the city.

The Royal Post

and the Auberge 1731 – 1744 The former convent is successively transformed into an orphanage, an inn with shops and stables now transformed into a garage.

Hotel Saint-Louis

The King of France

Louis IX 1744 – The inn was renamed HOTEL SAINT LOUIS ET DE LA POSTE by order of King Louis XV in memory of King Louis IX of France who was canonized in 1297.


and his brother Joseph Napoléon and his brother Joseph attend the Lycée d’Autun, founded in 1709 by the Jesuits and known today as the Lycée Bonaparte.

Emperor Napoleon

and the Empress

Joséphine During the reign of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, a luxurious suite was installed at the Hotel Saint Louis, with two separate mahogany beds for official and unofficial stays of the Emperor and Empress Joséphine. Known stays at the Saint Louis hotel include those of

1802 – The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte heading for Lyon where he had summoned the 500 members of the Italian parliament then stopped at the Saint Louis hotel with his wife the Empress Joséphine where they received the authorities of Autun before supper at the hotel restaurant.

1805 – Going from Paris to Milan, the Emperor stayed at the Hotel Saint Louis.

1807 – On his return from Turin he stayed in the Napoleon suite.

1815 – After leaving the island of Elba, Napoleon went to Autun. No sooner had he stayed at the Saint Louis hotel than he asked the Mayor and the Municipal Council to dismiss them, reproaching them “France is not happy, she reminds me, and you want to oppose it!” “. Then entered an officer who brought the support of Marshal Ney and his army corps.

Napoleon then brought in the printer of Autun and gave him a large number of decrees to be printed.

The Napoleon Suite Most of the furniture is original, in particular the two separate beds of the imperial couple. The entire Suite has been carefully restored by the experts from the Lycée Bonaparte.

Le Duc d’Orléans 1832 – His Royal Highness the Duke of Orleans stayed at the Hôtel Saint Louis where he gave a 50-seat dinner after having received the civil and military authorities.

Georges Sand 1836 – The famous writer stayed at the Hôtel Saint Louis with his two children. During her dinner, she was shocked by certain remarks made by the nobility of Autun. Two months later, she expressed her indignation by writing an article in a journal.

His Royal Highness,

The Queen of Portugal 1841 – Her Royal Highness Queen Christina of Portugal stopped at the Hotel Saint Louis on her way to Paris. The next day, she attended mass and was honored by the prefect and the mayor. She was accompanied by a treasurer, two secretaries, a doctor and a lady companion.

Le Comte de Paris 1873 – The Saint Louis hotel again received a visit from a man of royal blood, the Comte de Paris, who arrived accompanied by one of his friends and stayed in the Napoleon Suite. He visited the cathedral the next day.


Guide Michelin 1900 – 2000 The Saint Louis hotel appeared in the first Michelin guide in 1900. The hotel was chosen as an evening stopover on the road from Paris to Nice by the first motorists. This ancient road is still a pleasure away from the monotony and boredom of today’s highways.

Grand Hôtel 1906 – The new owner of the Saint Louis hotel redecorates the hotel and renames it “Grand Hôtel” because of its luxurious services.

The Showcases The 9 Siegel showcases from the 1920s that the Saint Louis hotel owns are Siegel showcases that are unique in the world: the Crillon hotel in Paris has four.

The cellars The cellars of the hotel are built even older than the building. They could be of Gallo-Roman or medieval origin according to the architect of the city.

The Garage The hotel’s garage is also an object of curiosity with its many wall paintings dating from the 1920s. These are “advertisements” from the traders of Autun.

Renovation 1997 – The new owners of the Saint Louis hotel completely renovate the hotel while preserving the atmosphere of elegance and charm of its prestigious past. All rooms are equipped with new bathrooms, showers and toilets. A new telephone system with Internet access is installed in all rooms. The most modern security and alarm systems are installed as well as two external staircases to supplement the large marble staircase in the hall. To retain the historical character of the architecture of the building, it was decided not to install an elevator because the hotel has only two floors.

Four stars 1997 – Renovated in the tradition of its 350 years, the hotel is upgraded to 4 stars.

Frescoes in the Restaurant The frescoes on the ceiling of the Restaurant room were made in 1997 by a Mexican artist. This creation required 6 months of hand work. This painter is also renowned for his works in various European cathedrals.

Hôtel de Charme 2003 – The Hôtel Saint Louis passes into the hands of a new owner who repositioned the hotel on the Boutique Hotels market while retaining the services and luxurious decor of its predecessors.

Felix leisinger

EQUAL EARTH 2005 – The founder of the global EQUAL EARTH philosophy Felix Leisinger takes over the Hotel Restaurant St. Louis. We invite you to inform yourself about the Philosophy of Equal Earth and how we could still save the planet on the website: www.equalearth.org.

Non-Smoking Hotel Felix Leisinger declares the Hotel, Restaurant and Bar St. Louis a non-smoking area. Since 1991, the Evin law has prohibited smoking in public places. It is unfortunate that there are still people who do not follow the law knowing that tobacco damages the health of smokers as much as that of non-smokers. Additionally, tobacco plantations could be used to plant rice or wheat to feed the hungry around the world. Unfortunately, tobacco is such a toxic plant to the earth that it takes over 30 years before you can plant any other crop instead. In order to stop this real risk to everyone’s health, Felix Leisinger asks his customers to respect the law, their health and that of others.

Today Today, the Saint Louis hotel located in the heart of Autun and in the center of Burgundy in France offers 38 large, quiet and original rooms with bathroom / shower and WC, including 10 “Napoleon” suites including the elegant personal suite of the Emperor, whom he frequented on several occasions.

Discover the gourmet restaurant and its great Burgundy wines, the American Bar and its aperitifs, the terrace and the indoor car park, as well as the meeting room, in an atmosphere of elegance and charm in the heart of a site with a prestigious past.