Adventurous Recreational Activities

Adventurous Recreational Activities

One of the best outdoor activities that can be done is going out and having fun with friends by playing some adventure activities with a glimpse of risk, cause why not?

Adventurous Recreational activities


One of the most dangerous yet fun and exciting activities that can be organized is snowboarding. The event is performed in the snowy area, with a skiing board and other pieces of equipment. There will be a piece of equipment or a skiing board attached to the rider’s feet in this sport, and they need to ski down the sloppy snow regions. As this event is primarily for winter, you can practice only in winter and only in the unorganized areas like mountains and slides. However, if you are very eager to perform this sport, you can also find some places to practice this sport throughout the year. It’s better to learn a few things and take guidance from the experts or the other snowboarders in your area.

Rock climbing

This is an extreme risking sport that has to be performed on a rocky mountain. It is well and

Good if you start the practice with indoor artificial rock climbing. Know the rules and the techniques that would help in the further adventures. One has to be physically strong to climb the rocky mountains.

This activity is also performed in snowy regions, and it is called Ice climbing.


It is one of the transport media for sure. But, it can also be played as a recreational activity. In recent times, cycling along the countryside, roaming in the forests as well as site-seeing. People started taking the cycle as an adventurous event by taking them for hill climbing as well.

Scuba Diving!

Scuba Diving is a sport that is performed underwater to understand the world inside water. Apparatus is equipment that the divers use to move or breathe. As it is the experience of having a glimpse of underwater life, many people’s attention is dragged towards this. Although experts perform this stunt, people started this as a recreation.


SkyDiving means a free fall from the plane and landing on land with the help of a parachute. As it is performed at a lower altitude, there is not much harm to the person. There is a free flow from the sky until the person triggers the parachute. The parachute will then be controlled by the person to land on a safe and plain area. From 3000 to 13000 ft height, people take their chances and have a lifetime experience to enjoy it. The exit might be from a plane, helicopter, or even hot-air balloons.

“Scary Mary” Hotels In The World

“Scary Mary” Hotels In The World

People visit hotels to have fun and spend time with their families and friends. But in some hotels, you can meet some of the families from ancient times, and that might be a nightmare for sure. You might have watched it in TV series or movies, but when you hear about the true stories, that scares you a lot. Here are some of the most haunted houses that can be interesting yet scary.


Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

You might be a great movie fan, but this one haunts you. There are so many famous ghosts in this hotel who had died in their stay. Back in 1929, the Academic Awards ceremonies were held in this hotel, and the favorite stars were here to stay for a long stretch. There is a report that people witness ghosts here often. Marilyn Monroe’s spirit will be roaming around his room’s mirror while Montgomery Clift’s voice echoes throughout the hotel. Even though you are not a fan of ancient movie legends, you will still get goosebumps witnessing these stars in a hotel.

"Scary Mary" hotels in the world

Spain’s Parador de Jaén

Parador de Jaén hotel was located in the 18th century. Despite its fantastic interior and the beauty of the place, it haunts the person with ease. There are some haunted stories behind its door. In 1980, a man was staying in room number 22 at night, was awaked by a woman crying and had a knock on the door. The paranormal experts say that the place is scary and haunted by women who died in this fortress centuries ago due to heartbreak. The room has kept close since then. This place is haunted by the spirit and many others, like a person with a nickname called “Terrible Lizard,” who died due to hunger while locked up in this fortress.

Jekyll Island Club, Georgia

This Georgian hotel has been a haunted resort for the northerners who are wealthy enough back since 1888. It was one of the most exclusive restaurants in the world at the beginning of the 20th century. Members included bigwigs such as William Vanderbilt and William Rockefeller, and Jekyll Island Club was the first transcontinental phone call to Alexander Graham Bell. This place fell hard in the times of The Great Depression and World War 2 in the 1980s. For years now, the guests complained about the ghosts that spirits are roaming around in this historical place. A spirit reading the Wall Street journal was Samuel Spencer was spotted, while others whiffs on the J.P. Morgan’s cigar-smoking sneaking out of the Financier’s office.