The original idea to paint the ceiling of the Hotel Saint Louis et de la Poste’s restaurant was to broaden the interior space, with the objective of exalting the values of the region. That is why the grapes that had given world wide fame to the Burgogne region do frame the two paintings in the salon.

Impressed by the age of the Hotel and with the reference to the fact that Autun was once the cultural capital of Rome, the idea came to me to paint “Autun’s Time”. Entering the salon from the interior door of the hotel you can find a clock made of several rings that begin in the universe, one can see the constellation of the sun, the moon and our planet earth. The planets open and we can find the astrological signs which, among other things, aided farmers in their farming cycles.

There are four markers, taken from the Mexican Aztec calendar, that show the 12, 3, 6, 9 hours of the clock. The 12th hour is marked by the astrological sign Aries.

  • At 1 o’clock is generous Minerva who gives grapes to the region
  • At 2 o’clock is a Roman cart
  • At 3 o’clock is Arroux, a door to Autun
  • At 4 o’clock is the lion cub that appeared with Minerva, now strong and reigning the world
  • At 5 o’clock is King Louis IX of France who was canonized in 1297 and after whom the hotel was named in 1744. The name was suggested by the then King Louis XV
  • At 6 o’clock is one of the ancient postal logs of the hotel. This logo refers to those in charge of the postal service who s