In its present reincarnation the Hotel Saint-Louis is all new in comforts and conveniences. Now there are new telecommunications, and a new decor that is imaginative and inviting as well as in keeping with the hotel’s past. An experienced Staff is trained to satisfy business as well as tourist travelers’ needs. Not only French, but English, German and Spanish are also spoken.

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The 44 room Hotel St. Louis is a 4 star hotel with a staff which takes pride in providing every guest with exceptional service.

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Description of Autun, historical sites, recreational activities, and countryside sights.

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350 years of History at the Hotel St. Louis in Autun, Bourgogne, France.

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Hotel St. Louis – Autun, France
The history of the famous hotel includes hosting Napoleon on four separate occasions, as well as other members of the aristocracy and, more recently, modern celebrities from the world of film and art.

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